Sermon Notebook for Women
Sermon Notebook for Women

Signature Sermon Notebook

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Please be aware that this Signature Sermon Notebook is a Print-On-Demand product which will require approximately 7-10 days to be printed and shipped to your home.

How many times have you heard THE BEST sermon at church, but by lunchtime, you can’t even recall the main points because you didn’t have any reliable way to take notes? And when you finally start remembering to take notes, you lose track of them too easily because they’re scattered around on loose paper, scribbled on the backs of offering envelopes, and lost somewhere in your purse?

Stop letting the enemy steal the Word from you week after week, my sweet sister of Christ!


You can read the complete product description below, but this video will take you on a sneak peek of the inside, right now!

I created this notebook because I didn't like having to keep track of loose note pages from inside church bulletins. Plus, if the preacher said something that I knew I needed to incorporate into my daily discipleship, I didn't have a great way of connecting Sunday's truths to the rest of my week.

Now, I do. And so can you!

I'm on a mission to help Jesus-loving women develop a fully informed faith, so they overflow with confidence and courage as they engage this chaotic culture for Christ.


This is my signature, 8.5in by 11in,  full-color Sermon Notes Notebook, and it will give you PLENTY of space to record your Sunday Morning insights, as well as prompts for reflecting and incorporating those principles into your daily devotional routine.

Each week (for 12 weeks) you have space for recording:

  • The name of the speaker
  • The date of the sermon
  • The title of the sermon
  • The passage of Scripture taught
  • Notes and Insights
  • Reflection on most important points
  • Verses for further study or memorization
  • How your life should change to reflect the teaching
  • How your prayer life can accommodate what you learned


    Listen up, Sweet Sister.

    I created these resources (& more) because I know that many Jesus-Loving, Jesus-Following women don’t really know:

    • How to use your pastor’s Weekly Sermon to guide your long-term spiritual growth strategy
    • How to have an effective quiet time
    • How to study, understand, and apply the Bible for yourself
    • How important it is to have a well-rounded Biblical Worldview
    • How to systematically develop all these areas of their own spiritual growth
    • The kind of positive impact your personal spiritual growth can have on your mental & emotional health

    But I do!

    I had to learn these things (Or, more correctly, re-learn them) when I was putting my faith back together in 2000. My life had hit hard times. I battled despair, doubt, and hopelessness following a season of wandering away from the Lord.

    I cried out to God and he heard me.

    He led me to some timely resources which helped me to regrow my confidence in Him as well as recreating a soul-nourishing, life-flourishing daily walk with Him. As people saw a (BIG) difference in me, they began asking me to show them:

    • What I did, and
    • How I did it!

    After talking with lots of truth-hungry women over the years, I realized that most of them love the idea of becoming spiritually mature, but they don’t necessarily know what that looks like. Others really desire to have a fruitful, daily quiet time, but they get stuck right out of the starting gate, wondering what to do with all those blank journal pages.

    Some women only know how to study the Bible when they’re involved in an organized Bible Study with other women, which usually only lasts for a few weeks, at most.

    And still others, go to church faithfully every week, without being able to recall what the pastor said, and why it should matter to them.

    Because of the sheer joy and purpose God created in my life once I got serious about my relationship with Him, I just knew I wanted to help others create systems in their lives for walking closely with God, and living fully for God, especially in this increasingly godless world.

    I’m here to tell you that the world needs what you have!


    Mental wellness is declining rapidly. Confusion over who God is and why He is good is gaining ground. Young people are walking away from the faith in increasing numbers and at a speed the Church has never witnessed before.

    And I’ll bet you’ve wondered what you can do to roll up your sleeves and serve the Kingdom of God to the best of your ability. I'd love to help you do that!


    And with your purchase, you’re also going to get a Free Copy of my:

    • Signs of a healthy church
    • False Teachings to look out for
    • Questions every Church-attending Christian ought to know

    Join the SPOONFED SOUL Squad

    I created the SpoonFed Soul as a way to promote the development of Personal Biblical Literacy among women, so that we can:

    • Join together to raise the Next Generation to know and love the Lord for a lifetime
    • Learn to live out & speak about our Christian convictions with confidence and courage
    • Stop feeling frustrated and intimidated by the advance of our relentless secular society

    It’s time for you to move forward confidently and effectively so that you can step into the incredible purpose God has for you during these crazy days -- and for what its worth -- I believe you were born for such a time as this!

    Grab your copy of the SpoonFed Soul SERMON NOTEBOOK by clicking the button at the top of the page.