28-Day Daily Devotional Journal for Women

28-Day Daily Devotional Journal for Women

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(Please be aware that this Daily Devotional Journal is a Print-On-Demand product, which will require 7-10 days in order to print and ship to your home. If you'd rather have an instantly downloadable, print-at-home version for $11.97, click this link right here.)

You've committed to grow your walk with God by building a Daily Devotional Routine. Great!!! So, you go out & buy a journal, some pretty pens, & maybe even a new Study Bible.

But when you sit down to get serious about prayer and studying the Bible for yourself:

  • You can't think of a thing to write
  • You're not even sure where to start reading,
  • Or what to do after that.
  • And come to think of it, you're not totally sure how to pray,
  • Or how to use your journal during your prayer time.

Sound familiar??

You can find a complete product description below, but if you'll click the video, you'll get a video walkthrough of this journal right now!


Never stare at a blank journal again, wondering where to start and what to do during your Daily Devotional time!

My 28-Day Daily Devotional Journal is thoughtfully crafted to help Jesus-loving women cultivate and enjoy their relationship to Christ through spending time with God in His Word, and in prayer, thanks, and praise!

This is NOT a Bible Study, its a journal which is formatted in a way to guide you step by step, from entering into God's presence with thanks and praise, to making prayer requests, and then learning & applying God's Word. All you need to bring to the table is some kind of Scripture to study!

After 20+ years of experimenting, I have talked with dozens of women who make the following mistakes when they spend time with God each day:

  • When they pray, they pray haphazardly or driven by crisis. There's no systematized approach to covering their lives in prayer.
  • They ONLY pray. They don't incorporate Bible Study.
  • They don't know how to study the Bible by themselves, outside of an organized Bible study.
  • They return to familiar passages over and over, because they're too intimidated to study something new.
  • They don't have the skills or confidence to read hard passages and know how to apply them to their daily life.

As a result, they resign themselves to an underdeveloped walk with God, or else they give up entirely.

What a shame, sis!

Fortunately for us, those are things we can do something about.

Sooooo....each Daily Devotional Journal includes The SpoonFed Soul's Signature quiet-time format for your personal Christian Discipleship:

  • A section for recording your statements of praise
  • A section for giving thanks
  • A page for recording your confessions (optional) followed by a section for daily declarations
  • Sections for recording your prayer requests
  • A page for recording your daily Scripture reading passage & notes, followed by an (optional) in-depth Scripture study layout
  • Areas for memory verse practice
  • Recap sections for summarizing what you've learned
  • And a prompt for recording the next day's Bible reading passage.

At the end of your 28-Day Daily Devotional Journal for Women, you'll have put into place some great habits for effectively spending time with God, in an order you can remember and repeat.

If you can't 'remember and repeat' you can always RE-ORDER...until your new habits grab hold in your spiritual life.

In the world of Daily Devotionals for Women, I've never really found anything quite like this journal. 

Sister in Christ, there was a time when I had to (re)build my faith from scratch. Luckily, I'd had some great youth ministers who taught me some basic skills, so when it was necessary for me to call a 'DO-OVER' I knew where to start.

Not everyone is so lucky.

I credit that difficult period of re-establishing my personal discipleship habits with saving my life. I believe the Spirit of God challenged me at the time to get up and follow Him intentionally. After 6 months, I was a brand new person, and I've never stopped spending quality time with Him since then.

  • Do I struggle sometimes? Yes, of course!
  • Do I skip days now and then? Yup.
  • Do I get thrown off during travel or illness? Absolutely.

But I'm so convinced that covering all the bases (Praise, Thanks, Confession, Declaration, Prayer Requests, Scripture Reading & Notes, In-Depth Study and Scripture Memory) has made me who I am, I just don't give up!!

Its this process that led me to start my blog, The SpoonFed Soul, so that every woman who needs God's direction, blessing and healing can have it at a personal level. I don't want anyone to miss the Spiritual Healing that's only available to us when we grow in God's Word personally, intentionally, and diligently. That's what it means to have a SpoonFed Soul -- a soul that's nourished daily from the Word of God, one SpoonFull of Soul Food at a time.

Right now the world is chaotic, and YOU need to let your roots go down deep so that God's Word will dwell richly in you.

When you purchase this Daily Devotional Journal, as a BONUS, you'll also get:

  • FREE, Automatic Enrollment in The Coffee Chronicles Online Course for developing your personal quiet time with God
  • A blank Weekly Prayer List to fill out and keep in your journal
  • A PDF called 'What to Pray For, When You Don't Know What to Pray For'

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