21-Day Gratitude Journal

21-Day Gratitude Journal

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(Please be aware that this 21-Day Gratitude Journal is a Print-On-Demand product, which will require 7-10 days in order to print and ship to your home.)

Developing a daily gratitude practice is FANTASTIC for your spiritual (and even your physical) health, but how in the world do you get started? And how long does it take for your new gratitude habit to stick?

Just following a daily gratitude practice for 21 days will go a really long way in developing a lifelong gratitude habit that pays off in the long run.  

21-Day Gratitude Journal for Your Gratitude Practice

You can read a full product description below, but clicking this video will take you on a sneak peek of the inside right now!

 This is my Signature Gratitude Journal which walks you through a process of:

  • Writing down what you're thankful for,

  • Practicing a gratitude-oriented memory verse,

  • Reflecting on significant ways God is working inside you, and

  • Setting intentions or goals for the next day for a total of 21 days.

The pages have big fat spaces for you to write in as well as a beautiful glossy cover.

America Is Experiencing An Epidemic of Despair

Studies show that despair, depression and even suicide has gripped our country at alarming and increasing rates.

Luckily though, science is showing that a gratitude practice can make enormous changes in our emotional and spiritual health, just by being faithful to write down 3-5 things you are thankful for each day.

Maybe that's why God has consistently called His people to be thankful...it's almost like HE KNEW THAT THANKFULNESS WOULD BE GOOD FOR US!

Join the SpoonFed Soul Squad!

I created the SpoonFed Soul as a way to promote the development of Personal Biblical Literacy among women, so that we can:

  • Join together to raise the Next Generation to know and love the Lord for a lifetime
  • Learn to live out & speak about our Christian convictions with confidence and courage
  • Stop feeling frustrated and intimidated by the advance of our relentless secular society

It’s time for you to move forward confidently and effectively so that you can step into the incredible purpose God has for you during these crazy days -- and for what its worth -- I believe you were born for such a time as this!