Bible Study Guides

A Step-By-Step Guide For Reading and Studying the Bible for Yourself


  • You open up your Bible, but you have no idea how to choose Scripture to study.
  • You're ready to get started reading and studying the Bible but you're totally confused about where to start, am I right??
  • Or even worse, you're not sure how to read, understand and apply the Bible for yourself! 

I know RIGHT where you are. I've been there myself.

That's why I'm creating a series of Bible Study Guides designed to help you follow God closely, confidently and courageously in these chaotic days.

Each topical Bible Study Guide will walk you through my 4-Question format for helping you dive deeply into the passage you're studying and take at least one action step on what you learn.

In this Bible Study Guide series, we will cover:

  • Christian Doctrines
  • Theology
  • Engaging the Culture 
  • Developing a Biblical Worldview

Research shows that Christianity is in decline...Younger Christians are walking away from their faith in record numbers and at record rates...

Christians need to be able to explain the reasons why faith in Christ is well-placed and THESE BIBLE STUDY GUIDES will equip you with real answers to tough questions so we can advance the cause of Christ in the world together!

I'm hard at work on the first series now, but I'd love to let you know when the first Bible Study Guide drops.

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