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Fighting For Faith In A Faithless World

Losing Faith, Leaving Christianity Recently, I sat with a group of Bible Study women, pretty much all of whom had watched a loved one walk away from their faith in Christ. I don't mean that these folks just stopped attending church or got lazy in their prayer life and Bible Study.  I'm referring to the increasingly common practice of churched people rejecting the faith of their childhood altogether in favor of replacing it with atheism, or even paganism. After a few unwelcome attempts at having faith conversations, these women felt left with no other option than to grit their teeth and pray. I'll bet you've experiences something similar: Maybe you have a sister who was treated poorly by the church,...

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Can A Biblical Worldview Be Better for Your Mental Health Than a Secular One?

Can your worldview affect your mental health? Specifically, can a Biblical worldview be better for your well-being than a secular one?  The state of mental health and well-being in the US was on the critical list long before COVID-19 showed up & sent us into quarantine to deal with our anxieties all alone.  We'll likely be reeling from the physical, emotional, and economic impact of COVID-19 for good while, so let's take a look at recent research into the fields of neuroplasticity and positive psychology, to see how you and I can improve lives of our friends, families and communities by helping them embrace and cultivate a Biblical worldview. What Is a Worldview? If you ask theologians and philosophers to explain what...

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What Does It Mean To Grow Spiritually: 6 Strategies for Your Spiritual Growth

It's probably not surprising to you that you should be growing spiritually. Your pastor, your parents and your peers probably encourage you to do it. But there’s also a good chance that you have – on occasion – found that well-meaning tidbit of wisdom a little vague. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to grow spiritually, this post is just for you! Your spiritual growth is an important sign. Some of my most precious memories of child-raising revolve around the bumbling, fumbling efforts of my babies learning to manipulate a spoon into their little mouths with underdeveloped motor control. My heart leapt at the signs of their developmental progress, even if it meant that I’d have oodles and scads of oatmeal...

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